www.irixcentral.com to Reopen


I just received an e-mail from Daniel Leeds, webmaster of www.irixcentral.com, with news that the popular IRIX website will shortly reopen. This is great news, especially in light of the delays and rumors surrounding SGI's Freeware site at the moment.


Just an FYI, I will be resurrecting the www.irixcentral.com website shortly
along with some of our custom software packages and builds. One thing of
note which has garnered some interest and you may want to announce is a
release of perl 5.8.2 with a bundled oracle 8i client including
DBI/DBD-Oracle for IRIX64 (r10k+).

While it contains commercial code (the oracle client sdk) we are taking a to
hell with it atttitude since it is only the client not the full database.
There is no reason to prevent IRIX users from connecting to oracle databases
at work and at home on other platforms.

We hope to have more net8 clients for 32bit IRIX in the future and for 5.3
and 6.2 if we can procure the necessary bits from oracle.



Update: I have the Origin2000 back up and running. Final testing should be completed tomorrow and the package available Friday.

Merry Christmas from IRIXCENTRAL

It's hosted on an Origin2000 server?
Cool :D
Now where is it? ;)

haha no. its hosted at a stock colo.

the packages etc are built on an sgi origin 2000
for 6.5.X. unfortunately due to issues with the
server room it will not be operational again until
next week.

IRIX 6.2 packages are built on an R10k Indigo2
which is operational. I hope to have ssh1/ssh2
and some basic updated 6.2 packages this weekend.

the holidays just always slow you down. sheesh.


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