Software Update - Really Slick Screensavers 0.7.6

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I had some luck compiling the latest version of Really Slick Screensavers-GLX. It incorporates two new screensavers Matrixview and Spirographx. I also included the Fireflies 2.06 screensaver I mentioned in the December 1st news item.

A couple of weird things in the course of building: When I had tried making this version before, Matrixview bombed because my version of libpng wasn't the newest (1.2.5). So this time I built and installed that first -- only to find when I ldd'd to sort out the prerequists, that libbzip2 (from was the only non-system library linked. Is it possible that libpng 1.2.5 was only needed to build? The only other hiccup involved in the build were: commenting out the GETOPTS defines in config.h (which means your have to use short command line options, for example, -r and not --root) and removing the ATTR_ALIGN(16) built-in keyword from euphoria.c and lattice.c. I used --disable-3dnow --disable-sound in the configure script. Also, Cyclone once again builds without complaint but displays a blank screen, although the -v option causes it to draw a squiggly line.

Lastly, I was also pretty lazy about the tardist (sorry). It has all the binaries and man pages (except firefly which didn't come with a man page), but unlike lisp's build of 0.7.4, it:

- isn't patched for single buffer and no texture options (see this forum thread)
- doesn't have desktop integration (you'll have to manually add the new entries to your .xscreensaver file or else load lisp's subsystem from her tardist if you'd rather use SGI's ssaver)
- doesn't have a MIPS3 set of packages
- doesn't have the source code included

rss-0.7.6-mips4.tardist (5.4 MB)

Hope it works for most of the folks here. If you are a member of the no-texture-memory/MIPS3 crowd, lisp's 0.7.4 tardist is probably a better choice for you. For more info, see this forum thread.

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Really cool tardist bro. Only wish I could run SkyRocket on an R5000 O2 in full screen mode.

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