Tardists from Schleusel


Newcomer Timo Kanera has made some tardists avaliable for download:

- MLDonkey 2.5-4 for all you p2p fans
- MObjectiveCaml 3.07 + lablgtk which was needed to get MLDonkey compiled
- Sylpheed-Claws 0.9.6 the latest in Sylpheed development
- Lame 3.93.1 latest Lame mp3 encoder engine

Thanks to Timo for making these tardists available!

More info can be found in this forum thread

(Corrected version number for Lame 0.93.1 dd 04112003)


Finally! p2p on IRIX

while eMule is the best, this will do the job as well.
thanks dex.

Is this version of lame (3.91.1) really the latest 3.93.1? Thanks.

oups, thanks for pointing that one out. Yes, its 3.93.1 of course, the version number in the tardist and the announcement is a dumb typo *sigh*. I'll rename the tardist and edit the forum post..

hee hee - the text that notes the corrected version number has a typo with the incorrect version number :}

Cool, I can't wait to try Mldonkey.

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