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A few new tardists for today. First up from semi-fly - Kobo Deluxe, a SDL/OpenGL based space shooter based on XKobo.

Next up is multi-aterm, a tabbed terminal emulator based on aterm, which looks to be comparable to gnome-terminal without the baggage of endless Gnome dependancies.

Finally nvukovlj has contributed a tardist for the gentoo file manager. He explains it best:

"Just uploaded my first tardist. Hope it works ok on systems other than mine.

It is gentoo-0.11.36 file manager, which will look very familiar to ex (or current) Amiga users, as it is inspired in look and feel by an Amiga file manager - Directory Opus 4 by GP Software.

It is a mips3 binary, and was compiled with gcc, but in this case, speed is not really of the essence."

I want to personally thank everyone who has and continues to contribute IRIX freeware to the site's archive. It's very much appreciated by myself as well as the community at large.

I do want to apologize for being so slow at responding to e-mails as well as posting up these updates. I'll try to improve on that front in the future.


Kobo Deluxe 0.4pre8 (tardist) - 1.8MB
multi-aterm 0.0.4 (tardist) - 327KB
gentoo 0.11.36 (tardist) - 2.3MB


Semi-fly you are unstoppable! Kobo looks cool (what are the controls?) and multi-aterm is perfect. It's exactly what I was hoping aterm might become.

One small problem, whenever I set the transparency resource to true, it crashes when I hit the button to create a new tab. The error is :

materm: XError: Request: 14 . 0, Error: 9
BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)
materm: XError: Request: 14 . 0, Error: 9
BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)
Trace/BPT/RangeErr/DivZero/Ovflow trap (core dumped)

Oh, for kobo the controls are just the arrow keys and the space bar or 'f' key for fire. The pumping sound track is a little grainy on my little speakers, so I just disable the music.

I've not had any crashes with multi-aterm yet (although it is still an early project). What is the exact command your using to run it?

It ends up setting the shading resource to anything other than 100 does it.

I just use a standard aterm command like this:
multi-aterm -fg lightgreen -tr -sh 75.
seems to be working so far. =)

multi-aterm sounds promissing. Although it's realy not working well here yet.
It starts (but only whe not starting into the background) but when I click on the 'new tab' button:

materm: can't open pseudo-tty
materm: aborting


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