Software Updates


Big software update this week with new package contributions from semi-fly and foetz.

First, the description from semi:

"Couple of new tardists for posting:

xbubble, a nice Puzzle Bobble clone (and a favorite puzzle game of mine)

wxPython- with GL support.

Apparently, wxPython REALLY wants to compile with the same flags and optimizations of whatever version of python installed on your system (sgi freeware version of python is obviously compiled with mips pro). Of corse, I'm using gcc and NOT mips pro, so the build process would bomb out no matter what env compiler flags or options I set. To get around this, I compiled my own version of python with gcc (included in this tardist), and build wxPython against it. It works. After the tardist is installed, you can run:

"/usr/local/bin/python /usr/local/demo/wxPython/"

to test it. You should see a nice demo window pop up just like on the screenshots section. It's pretty sweet. Let me know if you have any problems. Thanks!


Last but by no means least, foetz has provided a build of Firebird 0.7, the latest and greatest version of what will become the next generation Mozilla browser. This is an archive rather than a tardist, so you'll need to extract it to wherever you'd like it to live on your system and execute from there.


xbubble 0.2.4 (tardist) - 1.3MB
wxPython (tardist) - 56MB
Mozilla Firebird 0.7 (archive) - 20MB


Thank you for the Firebird binary! The bin works beautifully.

xbubble - could be addictive!

Played xbubble all weekend waiting for stuff to compile. ;)

Is there a mips3 version of FireBird? If not, I'll have to wait for the freeware.sgi version.

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