Origin/Onyx 3200 and 3800 End of Production and CPU Upgrade


On the SGI support site there's a notification that the Origin and Onyx 3200 and 3800 machines will no longer be produced after the 31st of March 2004. Interestingly, they offer a CPU PIMM (Processor-Included Memory Module) upgrade to 800 MHz. They do not reveal the CPU name, but I estimate it's an R16K.


So the Origin/Onyx 3900 is still around? Is Origin/Onyx 4000 around the corner?

800MHz, Q12004 ... isn't it about time that they released a new chip? What ever happened to their 9 month time line for new MIPS chips?

the 800MHz chip will be the R18000 which was previously announced for the beginning of 2004, see

its the first larger update since the R10000, adding a second FPU and an additional Load/Store, 1MB L2 Cache on chip (finally) and upto 64MB external L3 Cache and will come in single and dual core versions. Peak performance is 3.2 GFlops per core at 800MHz, compared to 1.4 GFlops for 700MHz R16000.

so long,

I once saw the MIPS roadmap and knew the R18K were suppose to double the flops/cycle, but I had thought SGI had given up on this.

If true, this is the best news I've heard in a long time!

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