O200 server + Gigachannel + SI GFX works!


Mare pointed out today on the chat channel that no other than Greg Douglas has tried to insert an SI GFX XIO board into the Gigachannel O200 Expansion module. He booted and It seems to work just fine :) Well, atleast in the bootup screen. There is a google thread on this, it includes the hinv.

Ofcourse if you want to do this, do so at your own risk. Gigachannel Expansions are not easy to come by, and keyboard mouse issues are not solved yet. Plus the fact that this is completely unsupported...


there are some caveats (this gigachannel+si was done for me) the compression connection latch mechanism is different plus a few other thigns (like kernel compatibility). I'll take some pictures, and provide some info it anyone wants.

That would be really cool info to see, how about a nice forum post about it?

I'll try to work up some post. at the moment my
time is slim. i'll try. hmmm, i wonder if this will be my new three head machine :-)?

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