SCO Turns Its Attention to SGI


Well I suppose we were waiting for this:

Silicon Graphics Inc says that it has received notice from SCO Group Inc that the Unix vendor intends to terminate its Unix System V license on the basis that SGI has breached the terms of the license.

SCO turns its attention to sgi


SCO needs to get over itself already. Sheesh.

Well, it was bound to happen at some point; SCO is totally off thier rocker and once the CEO's have made enough money selling stock options this'll all blow over. ;)

just wish the roadshow was here in the uk so me and the other unix/linux guys would bottle them off the stage reading style :P

Well, this whole 'you stole my code but I'm not gonna tell you which' thing annoys the s**t out of me. I wish there was a way to 'fast-judge' this soap, to get it over with but I'm afraid it's gonna take ages in court... When will IBM take over SCO for big bucks and shut the place down? I'll be grateful for that if it would happen

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