New IRIX Tardist: nmap-3.30


A quick update for today - the semi-fly-provided nmap Security Scanner tool in tardist form.

While checking out the nmap web site I was surprised to learn that the tool was featured in the Matrix Reloaded. There are even a few screen captures and a little write-up praising how it was handled in the film.


Quick note; this build of nmap also supports the GTK front end 'nmapfe'.

Semi-fly, you are kicking a**!

I'm focusing on security related apps right now, so expect several more tardists in the next week.

Thinking of security, I got PureSecure running, as well as snort 2.0.1 -- but i haven't got the sk1llz to tardist it...heh. If anyone has any interest in trying to tardist it, I can provide a tarball of the compiled src hierarchy...heheh

(Yeah, it's more that I'm feeling lazy than anything...heh)

sure, email it to me and I'll tardist it.

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