IP35 PROM Innards and Speculations


While paging through the IP35 PROM from IRIX 6.5.21m which, as many of you know, is the PROM used in most current SGI machines, i stumbled accross some IP board numbers: IP34 IP35 IP39 IP45 IP53

The Tezro is the IP53, no doubt. Also the IP35 is the Fuel, but what are the other three? One of them should be an Onyx4... hm...

The bootlogo's for the fuel and Onyx3 IR which i could extract from a recent PROM image aren't there anymore, because SGI has changed the image format from RLE encoding to something different. Color maybe?

Any info on Fuel's 6.5.21m bootlogo or even a Tezro's bootupscreen is appreciated :)

BTW: Tezro support started with IRIX 6.5.21, but the IP53 entry was already present in the IP35 PROM from 6.5.19. This dates the development of the Tezro prototypes back to february this year, or even further back...


The Origin 3000 (600MHz R14k) has IP35.

Doing a hinv on this SGI Origin 3400 here, its also showing IP35. Same as the fuel.

according to techpubs, IP53 seems to be the sub-architecture name for all IP35 systems that use the newer SuperPIMM CPU/memory nodeboards.. this includes Origin/Onyx 3900 (Cx-Bricks), Origin/Onyx 300, Origin/Onyx 350, Onyx4 and Tezro..

so long,

here you go, train spotters :D

IP 34/35 fuel
IP 45 origin300/3000
IP 53 tezro
IP 39 ????(must be onyx4?)

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