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SCO Turns Its Attention to SGI


Well I suppose we were waiting for this:

Silicon Graphics Inc says that it has received notice from SCO Group Inc that the Unix vendor intends to terminate its Unix System V license on the basis that SGI has breached the terms of the license.

SCO turns its attention to sgi

Darwin Streaming Server Build 437

nvukovlj has updated his Darwin Streaming Server IRIX port to Build 437:

I've compiled a new version of DSS for IRIX - this is from the CVS tree, build 437.

The Server and Streaming Proxy are now in one archive (2 archives within the enclosing archive), and an updated README has been included and needs to be read before the server can be made to run..

The binaries are mips-4 as before. If anyone wants to compile a mips-3 binary, or would rather just compile their own version, they can get the modified MIPSpro source as well as diffs from:


Darwin Streaming Server Build 437 MIPS-4 (archive) - 10MB

New Jahshaka IRIX Binary

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Jah Shaka, developer of Jahshaka - an open source realtime editing and effects package, wrote in to announce the immediate availability of a new IRIX binary build of the software - 1.9a3. Looking at the Jahshaka web site I didn't notice the new IRIX binary listed on the downloads page (1.8 was the newest I could find) , but it can be downloaded here.

Jah also left an informative post on the Nekochan forum detailing the release and the prerequisites for getting it up and running.

Test it out, leave feedback, have fun!

Software Updates

semi-fly strikes again with a couple of new tardists - XMMS Speakers 2.01 (a unique visualization plugin) and Lopster 1.2.0, a GTK based Napster (Opennap) client.


XMMS Speakers 2.01 Vis Plugin (tardist) - 450KB
Lopster 1.2.0 (tardist) - 1.3MB


A new tardist from squeen today - Xdvik 22.74.3:

Xdvik is a program for displaying DVI files (generated e.g. by Troff or TeX) on the X window system. It is based on the regular (non-k) xdvi of the same version number. The project's home page is at

This package is a newer version of xdvik (v22.74.3) than the one installed along with the teTex-2.0.2 package (v22.40) available from, which is also a prerequisite for this upgrade. I've tried to configure it to avoid stepping on the freeware version as much as possible, so executables are in /usr/local/bin and the name has been changed to xdvik, as opposed to just xdvi but both share the same configuration files in /usr/freeware/share/texmf/xdvi.

This particular build incorporates the Motif GUI and letter paper size as default. Some nice added features are:

+ Support for printing or saving a Postscript version of the DVI file
+ Rendering of Postscript images via ghostscript (anti-aliased!)
+ Several GUI enhancements: A page list for easier navigation, a status line, file selection dialogs, and a tool bar in the Motif version.
+ Support for inverse search - a mouse click in the xdvi window can open an editor with the corresponding TeX source (and vice versa)
+ Support for colored text
+ Support for HyperTeX: Follow links inserted by the hyperref package, and retrieve remote documents.
+ Direct rendering of Postscript(tm) fonts via t1lib
+ Support for saving (parts of) the dvi file.
+ Use of the Kpathsearch library to locate and generate files (hence the `k' in the name).

There is an optional INSTALL.IRIX file in the tardist that details all the configurations changes for this build.

NOTE: Versions 22.76.1 and 22.77.1 were found to be unstable builds, so this older version was selected for the tardist.


Xdvik-22.74.3 (tardist) - 2MB

Software Updates

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A couple of software updates from semi-fly - an updated Nebulus 0.6.0 tardist (XMMS visualization plugin) and nmap-3.46, now with OS fingerprinting.

More general information on these two packages can be found in previous Nekochan posts:


Nebulus 0.6.0 XMMS Vis Plugin (tardist) - 1.5MB
nmap-3.46 (tardist) - 3MB

IP35 PROM Innards and Speculations


While paging through the IP35 PROM from IRIX 6.5.21m which, as many of you know, is the PROM used in most current SGI machines, i stumbled accross some IP board numbers: IP34 IP35 IP39 IP45 IP53

The Tezro is the IP53, no doubt. Also the IP35 is the Fuel, but what are the other three? One of them should be an Onyx4... hm...

The bootlogo's for the fuel and Onyx3 IR which i could extract from a recent PROM image aren't there anymore, because SGI has changed the image format from RLE encoding to something different. Color maybe?

Any info on Fuel's 6.5.21m bootlogo or even a Tezro's bootupscreen is appreciated :)

BTW: Tezro support started with IRIX 6.5.21, but the IP53 entry was already present in the IP35 PROM from 6.5.19. This dates the development of the Tezro prototypes back to february this year, or even further back...

Weekly Roundup of SGI News

SGI Leads Again in IDC Performance Report

Growing Popularity and Blistering Performance of SGI Altix 3000 Systems Help Push SGI Atop Multiple Computing Class Categories.

SGI aims to become storage Giant

Silicon Graphics Incorporated (SGI) has launched a new storage initiative intended to make the company a bigger player in the storage industry.

Shuffling Around

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The site is kind of a mess at the moment - I'm in the process of updating a large portion of the IRIX screenshot archive so many of the inline images are not going to show up while that's going on. I'll looking at finishing during the coming weekend.

I'm also lining up a couple more news posters so updates will hopefully be a bit frequent. Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience.

New SGI Web Site

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Vissy wrote today with info on his new SGI web site:

Hello nekoneko,

My SGI-site is located at

Includes mainly Indigo2 based stuff, but also general IRIX stuff like easy-wallpaper-handling-scripts etc.


It's fantastic watching the SGI hobbyist scene growing like this - be sure to drop by and take a look!

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 E-Mail Client Released

Thanks once again to nicolas' efforts, the latest build of Mozilla Thunderbird - version 0.2 - is available for IRIX!

The other half of the Firebird web browser (which is available from SGI's Freeware site), Thunderbird is a new e-mail client which will eventually become part of the standard Mozilla suite.

This package is offered in archive form; just unroll it in the directory of your choosing.

New SGI Related Web Portal Opens

I noticed while browsing Usenet today that Damon S. has launched a new SGI related portal complete with forum: Check it out and see how it comes along!

New IRIX Tardist: nmap-3.30


A quick update for today - the semi-fly-provided nmap Security Scanner tool in tardist form.

While checking out the nmap web site I was surprised to learn that the tool was featured in the Matrix Reloaded. There are even a few screen captures and a little write-up praising how it was handled in the film.

New IRIX Tardist: GImageView 0.2.24

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The highly dedicated semi-fly just sent in another quality tardist package - GImageView 0.2.24, a slick image browser/viewer application based on GTK with quite a number of interesting features: tabbed browsing, animated GIF previews, thumbnail caching and more. Looking at the GImageView home page, it appears that there are quite a number of planned additions to this package as well.


GImageView 0.2.24 (tardist) - 5.3MB

Software Updates


It's time for the latest batch of tardists from semi-fly - astime 2.8 and K-Jöfol for XMMS 0.95!

astime, originally an AfterStep applet, is a simple analog style clock. More info on the project can be found here.

K-Jöfol for XMMS 0.95 is a plugin which alllows the use of intricate interface skins on XMMS. The plugin's home page is here and includes some good information as well as a couple of links to skin download sites.


astime 2.8 (tardist) - 100K
K-Jöfol 0.95 XMMS (tardist) - 740K

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