Software Updates

A couple new reader-contributed packages for today. The first comes courtesy of semi-fly; aee, which is in the words of the author "an easy to use text editor intended to be usable with little or no instruction."

Next up is the streaming proxy companion package for Darwin Streaming Server 4.1.3 contributed by nvukovlj. I'd meant to post this alongside Darwin Streaming Server last week but completely forgot about it.

Finally, I've updated the MIPS4 ScummVM tardist to the latest 0.5.1 bugfix release as announced yesterday. This release primarily addresses Beneath A Steel Sky bugs and is a recommended upgrade for all users.


aee 2.2.1b-MIPS3 (tardist) - 690KB
Darwin Streaming Proxy 4.1.3-MIPS4 (archive) - 50.8KB
ScummVM 0.5.1-MIPS4 (tardist) - 2.6MB

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