SGI Freeware August 2003 Posted


SGI has posted the August 2003 Freeware archive online with lots of new content and updates. You can check it out at the usual place:

New additions in this release are:

fw_cyrus-sasl2 cyrus-sasl2-2.1.13 Simple Authentication Security
fw_db4 db4-4.1.25 Berkeley DB 4.1
fw_gnet gnet-1.1.9 Simple Network Library
fw_mozillafirebird Mozilla Firebird 0.6 - gecko based web browser
fw_xbuffy multiple mailbox XBiff
fw_ytalk ytalk-3.1.1 enhanced unix talk

Updated packages are:

fw_SDL_image SDL_image-1.2.3 Image loading add-on for SDL
fw_SDL_mixer SDL_mixer-1.2.5 Audio mixer add-on for SDL
fw_SDL_net SDL_net-1.2.5 Network support add-on for SDL
fw_SDL_ttf SDL_ttf-2.0.6 TrueType font support add-on for SDL
fw_apache2 apache-2.0.46 Apache Web Server
fw_automake automake-1.7.5 autoconf file generator
fw_balsa balsa-1.4.4 GNOME mail client
fw_bind9 bind-9.2.2 name server software
fw_cdlabelgen cdlabelgen-2.6.0 generate CD case inserts
fw_cdrtools cdrtools-2.00.3 audio/data CD recording tools
fw_common Freeware Shared Utilities
fw_cups cups-1.1.19 Common UNIX Printing System
fw_cvs cvs-1.11.6 Concurrent Versions System
fw_cyrus-imapd cyrus-imapd-2.1.13 Cyrus IMAP server
fw_emacs emacs-21.3 GNU extensible text editor
fw_epm epm-3.6 ESP Package Manager
fw_ethereal ethereal-0.9.12 Network Protocol Analyzer
fw_findutils findutils-4.1 GNU find/locate/xargs
fw_foomatic-filters foomatic-filters-3.0.0 filter scripts for CUPS
fw_gaim gaim-0.64 Multi-protocol Instant Messaging Client
fw_galculator galculator-1.0 GTK2 Calculator
fw_gcc gcc-3.3 GNU Compiler Suite
fw_gifsicle gifsicle-1.37 GIF file swiss knife
fw_gimp gimp-1.2.4 GNU Image Manipulation Program
fw_gnumeric gnumeric-1.0.13 GNOME spreadsheet program
fw_gtkhtml gtkhtml-1.1.10 lightweight html rendering engine
fw_libesmtp libesmtp-1.0 mail transfer library
fw_libpcap libpcap-0.7.2 User level packet capture
fw_message-passing-helpers Wrapper libraries for SGI's MPI library
fw_mutt mutt-1.4.1i ncurses-based mail client w/MIME
fw_mysql mysql-4.0.13 MySQL relational database
fw_ntp ntp-4.1.1b Network Time Protocol
fw_nut nut-1.2.2 Network UPS Tools
fw_openldap openldap-2.1.21 LDAP server and client tools
fw_openslp openslp-1.0.11 Service Location Protocol (SLP)
fw_openssh openssh-3.6.1p1 secure rsh, rcp replacements
fw_openssl openssl-0.9.6j Secure Sockets Layer Toolkit
fw_pan pan-0.14.0 Gnome Based Newsreader
fw_pango pango-1.0.5 GTK2 Core and Text Font Handling
fw_pine pine4.56 email/news client
fw_pkgconfig pkgconfig-0.15.0 package configuration tool
fw_rsync rsync-2.5.6 replacement for rcp
fw_sane-backends sane-backends-1.0.12 SANE scanner library backends
fw_sane-frontends sane-frontends-1.0.11 SANE scanner library frontends
fw_sed sed-4.0.7 GNU stream editor
fw_squid squid-2.5.STABLE3 Internet Object Cache
fw_tcpdump tcpdump-3.7.2 network packet sniffer
fw_tcsh tcsh-6.12.00 Enhanced C shell with file completion
fw_transfig transfig.3.2.4 xfig image format converters
fw_unzip unzip-5.50 Info-ZIP UnZip Archive Extraction utils
fw_xcdroast xcdroast-0.98alpha14 GUI for cdrtools/cdlabelgen
fw_xfig xfig.3.2.4 X11 based drawing program
fw_xosview xosview.24.04.2003 X11 based system status meter
fw_xpdf xpdf-2.02pl1 PDF file viewer
fw_xsane xsane-0.91 SANE graphical frontend
fw_xxdiff xxdiff-2.9.2 graphical front-end to diff
setiathome SETI@home-3.08 client for IRIX 6.5 systems

Dropped packages:

fw_cyrus-sasl Cyrus Simple Authentication and Security Layer
Dropped in favor of fw_cyrus-sasl2
fw_db4-NoCrypto db4-NoCrypto-4.1.25 Berkeley DB 4.1
Replaced by fw_db4
fw_galeon galeon-1.2.5 A gnome/gecko based web browser
Dropped because of bit-rot; try fw_mozillafirebird instead.
fw_phoenix phoenix-0.5 Mozilla based web browser
Renamed fw_mozillafirebird


Is it just me, or did they realy forget to put the latest mozilla on the release? Wasn't 1.4 IRIX build out for quite a while already?

Old version of GAIM too (0.64). I guess I'll need to fix up my 0.66 tardist after all.

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