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This just in from Markku Reunanen:


Thanks for the nice SGI site, it's really useful! I'd like to inform you about a couple of demos that our group has made or ported to SGI.

Our own prods:

Ported by us:

In practice all of them require at least R10k to be enjoyable. Some like texturing hardware as well. For compilation GCC, SDL and gmake.

The winner of Assembly'03 4k intro competition, now for IRIX/mips4:

Not even near 4k any more, but the second working version anyway ;v)
The original was for Linux.

# Markku Reunanen #

I haven't had a chance to look at these myself, but they sound very interesting - I plan on checking them out as soon as I can!

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Pretty nifty - all run fine on my Octane
(R12000 300Mhz, MXI, 1Gb RAM).
Interesting to see that things haven't changed much since the Amiga days. :-)


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