New IRIX Tardist: CinePaint 0.18-1

At last, the first usable version of CinePaint since conversion started from the FilmGimp code base earlier this year! (Pre 0.18-1 *nix CinePaint code was so broken it was Windows-only.) There are still quite a number of gotchas in this release, but all of them are also present on any *nix system thus not unique to IRIX.

Here are the release notes culled from the source package, which gives an idea of what works and what doesn't in this build:

"Release Name: cinepaint-0.18

Notes: 0.18-1 Release: Fixes autoconf misconfiguration that caused non-Intel builds to fail for missing libcinepainti.a (which was removed in 0.18). Fixes for home directory install bug on some earlier versions of Windows. Wilber gone. Replaced with temporary CP icon. 0.18 Release: This release focused on fixing problems on Linux and the final integration with the Windows branch. Although the code is now completely in sync and builds on *nix and Win32, the Windows version is broken due to an unresolved bug somewhere in the file loading plug-ins. Windows users will have to wait for 0.18-1. What's new for Linux users: - BMP files plug-in (unstable) - SoftImage PIC files plug-in - Guash thumbnail browser (unstable) - UserFilter plug-in (unstable) What's new for developers - PICL, the Plug-In Compatibility Layer - GIMP plug-ins are much easier to trick into building The libgimp directory contains the GIMP PICL shims - Experimental effort at building ImageMagick plug-ins The magick directory contains the incomplete Magick shims In plug-ins/pnm is an unmodified Magick plug-in that compiles but doesn't link due to incomplete shims. Broken, but in the tarball: - PyGimp (significant breakage) - Gfig (some breakage) - Script-Fu (disabled due to gcc 3.3 bug noted in tracker) This is the last of the transition releases from Film Gimp to CinePaint. Many hundreds of compile-time warnings were fixed and the app code was reorganized into a subdirectory separating the code that touches bit-depth. The libcinepaint directory is now just lib. The autoconf files were overhauled but more work is needed there. Helper scripts were added: and clean-up scripts. Please pardon our construction dust. We're going to settle back to incremental improvements and increasing stability."

If you're willing to play around with this release, here is the product of a late night compile session:


CinePaint 0.18-1-MIPS4 (tardist) - 16MB

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