SGI announces Tezro/Onyx 4


Today SGI has publicly announced the new Workstation Tezro and the new Visualisation system Onyx 4. With 4 R16K CPU's and VPro 12 GFX the Tezro is an impressive machine to be placed onto anyone's desk. And the Onyx 4 fits in right underneath...

Techdocs however are still not online yet.


It should be interesting to see how this particular workstation is used, as it's a pretty hefty upgrade in some respects.. the inclusion of quad-MIPS processing capability is a particularly nice addition, as is the increased memory capacity.

I'm a little disappointed that they didn't opt for DDR-SDRAM on it, though, particularly since they offered it with Fuel. Given SGI's reputation for I/O power, you'd think it would be a natural choice. Any ideas as to why they didn't?

The unfortunate thing is that to get the quad-proc you need the rackmount chassis. The desktop will only do up to two procs, and it looks like an 8gb memory maximum on that too.

As for the DDR issue, I saw on one of the spec sheets somewhere that it would use DDR SDRAM...let me see if I can find it...

here it states that the Tezro will support 512MB-8GB of DDR in the desktop and 512MB-16GB of DDR in the rackmount...

How much does it costs?

Base, single cpu model is $20000
But hey, that's still with v12 :)

I'll give it a couple of years, then buy one on ebay for 250 :D

sexy machine!!

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