"Really Slick Screensavers 0.7.4-lisa " IRIX Tardist Available

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Here's another very cool announcement from (lisp) - an IRIX port of the popular OpenGL based Really Slick Screensavers suite.

From her Usenet post:


If it gives you gyp, just reload. rss_glx is near the bottom of the page. This needs libbz2.

What's new:

* Textureless support for Flux and Solarwind screensavers (--notexture/-T)
* New geometry types for same (--round/--spikey)
* Single buffered mode (can be fast, more colourful, etc.) (--single/-1)
* MIPS3 support (must explicitly select when installing - due to "fun" with software packager, the user must ensure only one option is selected.)
* (Irrelevant with tardist) Minor source fixes to remove GCC reliance

(lisp) - http://www.thecommune.org.uk/~lisa -http://www.lisastoys.co.uk SBS#37(with oak leaf cluster) two#40 DOGMUK
Suzuki GS125ES
My other car's a cdr"

The patched source code is also available. These screensavers really live up to their name - be sure to check them out!

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the link is dead... :(((

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