New IRIX Tardist: FSV 0.9

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FSV (File System Visualizer) is a open source 3D file system browser similar to SGI's classic FSN (File System Navigator) software. It's OpenGL based and should perform fairly well on just about any SGI machine running IRIX 6.5. In fact, the current FSV gallery screenshot was grabbed from my old Indigo R4K Elan system a couple of years ago!

Once upon a time there was an IRIX binary available straight from the developer, but since that's no longer available I built a new one. This tardist depends on GTK, GLIB, gtkglarea and gettext from SGI Freeware.


FSV-0.9-mips3 (tardist) - 580KB
FSV-0.9-mips4 (tardist) - 580KB

1 Comment

Works great for me. Thanks!

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