New IRIX Tardist: Freeciv 1.14.0


Here's another gem contributed by squeen - Freeciv 1.14.0. Freeciv depends on several packages from SGI Freeware, however the tardist has been built to identify these prereqs.

What is it? "Freeciv is a multiplayer strategy game, released under the GNU General Public License. It is generally comparable with Civilization II�, published by Microprose."

More information on Freeciv can be found on the project web site.

Have fun!


Freeciv-1.14.0 (tardist) - 11.6MB

Note: I had problems getting the game to display properly until I installed the latest (beta) build of fw_pango. It will be included in the August Freeware distribution, but for now you can find it here:


ncftp /collect/freeware > get fw_pango-1.0.5-sgipl1.tardist
get fw_pango-1.0.5-sgipl1.tardist: server said: fw_pango-1.0.5-sgipl1.tardist: No such file or directory

That means, unfortunately, that you'll have to wait until SGI releases the August Freeware release :(

I don't have permission to mirror SGI provided tardists on this site.

I used the older fw_pango-1.0.5 from the freeware site and the client side works fine
unfortunately I was unable to get the server side running on my R5000
Indy? (Irix 6.5.11)

What was ther server error message? I can try it on a R5K O2 and let you know.


The error message is as follows:

Trace/BPT/RangeErr/DivZero/Ovflow trap (core dumped)

.. I realize it is a division by zero.
I havent tried it on my indigo2 R10000 yet

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