New IRIX Tardist: GLAME-1.0.1


Thanks to the efforts of forum regular squeen, a tardist for GLAME-1.0.1 has been completed.

What is it? GLAME (GNU/Linux Audio Mechanics) is "a powerful, fast, stable and easily extensible sound editor" similar in function to Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge product. More information on the package can be found on the project's home page at

There are quite a few SGI Freeware prereqs in this tardist (mostly GNOME related) but thankfully the tardist has been built to identify them.


glame-1.0.1a (tardist) - 2.3MB


I just grabbed this and it says it's dependent on, but I already have that installed! (IRIX 6.5.17m)

How do I make the thing realize that??

I'm not positive, but I believe this package requires IRIX 6.5.18 or later.

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