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A couple of interesting software contributions for today; Darwin Streaming Server 4.1.3 and Bump Scope 0.3.3, a nice XMMS visualization plugin.

Darwin Streaming Server, a feature packed streaming media server, was contributed by nvukovlj and comes in the form of a MIPS4 binary tarball. Information on Darwin Streaming Server can be found on the project web site. This is something I've been wanting to try out for quite some time and I'm very happy to see the latest version on IRIX.

Bump Scope 0.3.3, a visualization plugin for XMMS, was contributed by semi-fly and comes in the form of a MIPS3 tardist. It is, in the words of the original author, a "moving light embossing oscilloscope" and is pretty cool to see in action. Original source code is included in the tardist and is also available via the author's web site.


Bump Scope-0.3.3 (tardist) - 330KB


Bump Scope looks great on my system! Thanks.

Yep, it's a pretty sweet plugin. Thx to Nekonoko for the tardist build!

Yep, it's a pretty sweet plugin. Thx to Nekonoko for the tardist build!

I am confused about the Streaming Server:
Does this allow a Quicktime 6 stream to be viewed on an IRIX machine?

No, it allows you to serve media (Quicktime video, MPEG4, MP3, etc) to other machines which can view Quicktime. It's a server solution only.

how do you config. the darwin streamer?????

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