"Encrusted" IRIX Tardist Available

Forum regular (lisp) recently released Encrusted, an OpenGL based clone of Bejeweled. From her Usenet announcement:

"Just a little OpenGL Bejewelled clone I knocked up:


Requires libmikmod and GLUT.

There's still some work to be done. Slickening up the interface,
improving the sound routines. Making sure the tardist has the correct
prereqs (it's got libmikmod, but not glut).

(lisp) - http://www.thecommune.org.uk/~lisa - http://www.lisastoys.co.uk
SBS#37(with oak leaf cluster) two#40 DOGMUK
Suzuki GS125ES
My other car's a cdr"

I finally got the chance to try the game out and it's wonderful. Highly recommended!

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