Coming Soon: Tezro Visual Workstation


Though not officially announced by SGI, a new techpub document has been posted detailing the next generation SGI workstation.

Some highlights include: a rack mountable chassis with the famous SGI cube logo, 1 to 4 R16K CPUs, 128MB VPro graphics with DVI-I output, PCI-X expansion slots, LVD SCSI, IDE DVD-ROM, NUMA-LINK, 5 DB9 serial ports, PS/2 keyboard & mouse, optional audio board, optional 4 port USB card, gigabit ethernet built in and an LCD status display.

More information will no doubt follow in the next few days.


great!! finally a new sgi workstation - but why rack mountable?? who the hell needs an 4 port usb card and an ide dvd-rom?? thank god I've got my hands on a toshiba sd-m1401 scsi dvd-rom :-))) ... but anyway, ip53 rulez!!!

I believe they broke down and added IDE so they could actually have a decent selection of DVD/CDROM drives, SCSI DVD drives are very hard to come by. Many people were very upset at the lack of internal CD drive for the Octane, I guess they wanted to make their customers happy... The USB is an optional component as is the audio. I'm not sure about the reasoning behind the rackmount chassis other than they didn't want to design a another case for their ip35 line.

at least !!!

So long time to see a new SGI beauty... 8)
Thet SHOULD make a new standalone chassis, in their style (O2, Octane NOT Fuel!)
And of course V14 / V16 is needed...?
And a lot of improvments in IRIX...

anyway I'm glad to hear this !!!

Is this the first MIPS/IRIX box with IDE or were there ones prior to this?

/KRM --no fan of IDE--

I think the new origin 350 and onyx 350 also got ide dvd-roms ... yeah, ide sucks :-D

What does it matter if the DVD drive is IDE? As long as the disks are SCSI (which they are).
How often do you sit there and stream stuff off a DVD drive? If you have a graphics workstation?
I think it's a good move by SGI, and to be encouraged - they made a change to answer user criticism and open up the system a bit.
Look at the price of SCSI DVD drives compared to IDE ones - trying to fit one to my Octane is proving a mite expensive :-(

They make it rack mount becuase more and more post houses are putting workstations in racks in the server room and using longview KVM cat5 extenders to get the vid/key/mouse to the work area.

I know a couple of houses (one that I have worked in) that would LOVE to have something like this in 2U rather than an Octane2 size... space is the issue these days.



From everything I know about Chimera, it was always intended to basically be an Origin 350 with graphics. I'm sure it'll be a worthy successor to Octane2, as long as you don't need XIO. It's been a year or so since I moved in SGI circles; is there a PCI-X alternative to DM2/DM5 yet?

Did anybody happen to cache the techpubs documents before they were pulled? I missed them, and would like to read them.

Look at this:

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