More Emulators for IRIX

Time for some emulator fun!

A trio of new packages for today -- both XMAME/XMESS (Multi-Arcade Machine Emulator/Multi-Emulator Super System) versions 0.69.1 and VICE (Versatile Commodore Emulator) version 1.11. All three packages were compiled/optimized with MIPSpro and are mips4 only for maximum performance.

Once again, thanks go to dexter1 for providing the new IRIX MIPSpro patches for all three emulators. He also provided this IRIX XMAME Gallery screenshot showing XMAME in action.

More general info on the 0.69.1 release can always be found at the XMAME Home Page:

Discussion regarding this and other IRIX XMAME builds can be found in this forum thread. XMESS discussion is available here.

Moving on to VICE; more information on the latest 1.11 version can be found at the VICE home page:

The discussion thread for VICE is located here. All of the forum threads mentioned contain source code patches and compilation instructions if anyone wishes to roll their own build (i.e. for mips3 support).

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