FlightGear IRIX Performance Survey

Erik Hofmann is collecting performance information from IRIX FlightGear users.


I would be interested to know from FlightGear users how well it runs on their workstations. It would be nice if users want to report the following information to emh@a1.nl (preferably using the subject "FGFS Survey") so I can put a list on the website.
To make the test comparable it would be a good idea to use an empty ~/.fgfsrc file and use the following command line:

/opt/bin/fgfs --fog-fastest

I would like to know the following:

* the following output of hinv
+ CPU info
+ Memory info
+ Graphics info
* output of uname -R
* installed texture memory
* framerate when standing still on the runway (after it settled down).

Thanks for your help.


Make sure to drop him a note after installing FlightGear; I'm sure this information will be used to make FlightGear even better.

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