Fast brainf* Interpreter For IRIX

And now for something completely different ...

While browsing about this morning I came across this interesting announcement - a MIPS optimized build of a very bizarre, Turing complete language/compiler with an amusing name:

"For all the SGI brainf* developers out there, I'd like to introduce Thalion Graphic Solutions eK. bf-sgi-1.0, the brand-new, MIPS-optimized implementation of Urban Mueller's infamous creation, the programming language brainf*.

It translates brainf*-source to Mips n32 code on the fly, and is thus able to run your brainf*-programs at native system speed.

Supported platform(s):
SGI Irix systems able to run mips3/mips4-n32 code.

Get the (gpl'ed) source distribution at
and the binary-only package at

If you don't know, what it is good for, read more about brainf*, for example, at or search metacrawler ...

Have fun with it :)

Helmut Schulz
Thalion Graphic Solutions eK"

If nothing else, check out some of the source code available for this thing -- it's quite interesting to say the least.

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