Rise of the Triad for IRIX Released


P. Harvery-Smith has released an IRIX port of 3D Realm's Rise of the Triad based on the Linux open source port. Rise of the Triad requires the datafiles from either the full commercial release or optionally the demo (download links below).

Download the binaries, instructions and souce code from the official IRIX port site:


The shareware datafiles can be downloaded at:


The datafiles for the full version are available from Abandonware Games (registration required).

Finally, here's a link to a great article on ROTT which covers the history of the game among other things; it's an excellent read:



I hate this topic
I hate this topic
I hate this topic
Now I'll be addicted playing at my SGI for weeks again!!!

I haven't gotten a chance to install it yet, but I remember playing the game when it was new :)

i needed to post this somewhere - i fixed my o2

it runs! well to the jingle and the welcome to... screen; now if i can get it to boot the installation tools cd ill be golden ;)

I used to be addicted to that game. And I have been replaying it lately thanks to the source ports.


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