RGBCrunch for IRIX Released

Brian Moffet of Moffet Images has released an alpha of his 48-bit image converter RGBCrunch. The software takes a 48 bit TIFF image and allows the user to modify the image colors to an 8 bit RGB TIFF for use in Adobe Photoshop 3.0.1.

From Brian's Usenet post:

Some time ago, I got frustrated with Photoshop 3.01 on the O2 not being able to handle images larger than 24 bit (8-bit each RGB). So, I wrote a program to pull a 48 bit image apart. You can adjust the color range and then save the image off as a 24-bit tiff.

I've made the *very alpha* version of this available to those who would like
to take a look at it. it is available at http://www.moffetimages.com/RGBCrunch.html I am open to constructive criticism, suggestions on features, etc... I'm going to continue working on it.

I am also working on a Linux and FreeBSD version. Right now I have tested this on an O2 running 6.5.16f, and an Octane running 6.5.16f.

More information as well as a download link can be found at the official web site.

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