OpenOffice 1.0.3 Binary for IRIX Released


An official OpenOffice binary has finally been released and is available from the IRIX OpenOffice porting site:

Setup for this version is similar to the previous 1.0.1 release; i.e:

setenv DISPLAY hostname:0.0

before launching the the installer or soffice startup script. Once again this release is mips4 only.


I'll give it a shot when I get home tonight.

I've installed OpenOffice 1.3 on an Octane2 running 6.5.19. It works great so long as the DISPLAY environment variable isn't set to localhost:0.0 or just :0.0 otherwise it (always) hangs. Also, you need to be someone other than root when you run the setup script.

I am so happy about this it's hard to describe. It feels sort of like coming inside after a long spell in the cold!


Does anyone know if Applixware for Irix can still be bought *somewhere* ?
I don't get really used to OpenOffice.


If your looking for Applixware you might want to register on the forum. If someone has any info i'm sure you'll get some feed back.


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