Blender 2.27 Released


Blender 2.27 has been released!

A few of the new features pulled from the press release:

- International Language support for the Blender interface. A translation system for tooltips, buttons and menus, with support for non-latin character sets.
- User definable (antialiased) fonts for the interface. (Freetype)
- A restyled userpreferences menu, which adds more space for all the new buttons.
- Autoskinning for Armatures, when parenting a Mesh to an Armature it gives a menu.
- In editmode, selected vertices can be merged with Alt-MKEY. The merge option is also added to the WKEY menu.
- Shadowbuffers now can have any size. (with number-button)
- Hotkeys are added for subsurfing objects. Shift-OKEY toggles subsurf mode for an object and Ctrl-ONEKEY to Ctrl-FOURKEY will set the subsurf division with the keyboard.
- Freetype2 support added for importing almost every font format for a 3D text object.
- Pressing Alt-MKEY in the texteditor window generates a 3D text from the current textfile. (up to 1000 characters)
- The texteditor window is enhanced with a rightmouse menu for opening and saving files.
- The windowtype button has been redesigned, it now displays a textual description
- A small button has been added that toggles the visibility of the pulldown menu titles.
- Rename/delete menu's are added to the file and image browsers. Try NKEY and RKEY/XKEY.

A mips4 IRIX binary can be downloaded here:


Great news, great news!
I thought the whole blender project was kind of dead.
Seams they have awoken.
This looks realy realy good.

Well it WAS dead; I mean I read the official "its over" statement on the internet at least more then a year ago. And now this new is soo exciting that finally the best open source 3D modeling software; period; is finally getting the development it needs!

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