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I'm working on the site layout at the moment, trying to fix some of the issues I've had in the past with the sidebar moving on it's own (it's now anchored properly). Huge thanks go to Slide for helping me out with the CSS necessary to get things in order here!

Note: If the website does not display correctly on Mozilla/Phoenix simply [shift]+click on the refresh button to force a load of the updated style sheet.

In other site news - mis, one of our forum/chat regulars, has been hard at work creating SGI themed desktop backgrounds in LightWave and adding them to the Gallery. You can check out his work here.

SGI related news has been very light; other than the release of OpenOffice at the start of April, this has been one fairly uninteresting month. Hopefully things will pick up soon.


pete - site designs awesome - i like the change very irix desktop theme-ish ;)

I realy like this new site design. Looks very good.
My compliments!
And the wallpapers are great too. One of them is now on my Indigo2. :)

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