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SGI has posted the May 2003 Freeware archive online. You can check it out at the usual place:

New additions in this release are:

fw_Maelstrom Maelstrom-3.0.6 Asteroids-like game
fw_SDL_image SDL_image-1.2.2 Image loading add-on for SDL
fw_SDL_mixer SDL_mixer-1.2.4 Audio mixer add-on for SDL
fw_SDL_net SDL_net-1.2.4 Network support add-on for SDL
fw_SDL_ttf SDL_ttf-2.0.5 TrueType font support add-on for SDL
fw_aalib aalib-1.4rc5 ASCII Art library
fw_bluefish bluefish-0.9 HTML Editor
fw_bochs bochs-2.0 IA-32 PC Emulator
fw_d4x d4x-2.4.1 WebDownloader for X
fw_db4-NoCrypto db4-NoCrypto-4.1.25 Berkeley DB 4.1
fw_flac flac-1.1.0 Free Lossless Audio Codec
fw_foomatic-filters foomatic-filters-2.9.1 filter scripts for CUPS + gs
fw_lftp lftp-2.6.3 Sophisticated command-line FTP client
fw_libcdaudio libcdaudio-0.99.9 Audio CD control library
fw_libgphoto2 libgphoto2-2.1.1 Digital camera access library
fw_libmnote libmnote-0.5.6 MakerNote-EXIF tag editor library
fw_phoenix phoenix-0.5 Mozilla based web browser
fw_snort snort-1.9.1 network intrusion detection system
fw_unrar unrar-3.2.0 UNRAR archiver
fw_vcdimager vcdimager-0.7.13 (Super)VideoCD authoring tools
fw_w3m w3m- Text based web browser and pager
fw_xautolock xautolock-2.1 Automatic X screen locker/screensaver
fw_xcdroast xcdroast-0.98alpha13 GUI for cdrtools/cdlabelgen
fw_xmlrpc-c xmlrpc-c-0.9.9 XML-RPC library for C and C++

Updated packages are:

fw_PAM PAM-0.77 Pluggable Authentication Modules
fw_SDL SDL-1.2.5 Simple DirectMedia Library
fw_aolserver aolserver-3.3 AOLserver Web Server
fw_apache2 apache-2.0.43 Apache Web Server
fw_autoconf autoconf-2.57 source configuration tool
fw_automake automake-1.7.2 autoconf file generator
fw_bc bc-1.06 arbitrary precision calculator
fw_cdlabelgen cdlabelgen-2.5.0 generate CD case inserts
fw_cdrtools cdrtools-2.0 audio/data CD recording tools
fw_common Freeware Shared Utilities
fw_cups cups-1.1.18 Common UNIX Printing System
fw_curl curl-7.10.3 URL transfer tool
fw_cvs cvs-1.11.5 Concurrent Versions System
fw_exif exif-0.6 JPEG/EXIF image handler
fw_exim exim-3.36 sendmail replacement
fw_expat expat-1.95.6 XML parser library
fw_fltk fltk-1.1.3 C++ GUI toolkit
fw_freetype2 freetype-2.1.3 TrueType font manipulation library
fw_galculator galculator-0.9 GTK2 Calculator
fw_gawk gawk-3.1.2 GNU AWK programming language
fw_gcc gcc-3.2.2 GNU Compiler Suite
fw_gcombust gcombust-0.1.54 GUI for cdrtools/cdlabelgen
fw_gettext gettext-0.11.5 GNU message catalog utilities
fw_gimp-print gimp-print-4.2.5 print facility for GIMP and CUPS
fw_gnupg gnupg-1.2.1 GNU Privacy Guard
fw_gphoto2 gphoto2-2.1.1 Digital camera access frontend
fw_grep grep-2.5.1 GNU grep/fgrep/egrep
fw_gtk2+ gtk2+-2.0.6 GIMP Toolkit
fw_hp2xx hp2xx-3.4.3 HP-GL image conversion tools
fw_indent indent-2.2.9 GNU C code formatter
fw_lcms lcms-1.09 ICC color management system
fw_less less-381 a more-like file browser
fw_libexif libexif-0.5.9 EXIF tag parsing library
fw_libmng libmng-1.0.5 Multiple-image Network Graphics library
fw_libpng libpng-1.0.15 PNG image format library
fw_libxml2 libxml2-2.5.4 XML manipulation library
fw_licq licq-1.2.6 ICQ clone
fw_lynx lynx-2.8.4d Text-based WWW Browser
fw_make make-3.80 GNU make
fw_mozilla mozilla-1.3 X11 based web browser
fw_ncurses ncurses-5.3 GNU curses package
fw_nethack nethack-3.4.1 Rogue-like game (X11 and tty)
fw_openldap openldap-2.1.16 LDAP server and client tools
fw_openssh openssh-3.5p1 secure rsh, rcp replacements
fw_openssl openssl-0.9.6i Secure Sockets Layer Toolkit
fw_php php-4.2.3 PHP: Hypertext Processor httpd scripting
fw_pine pine-4.53 email/news client
fw_plan plan-1.8.5 Calendar/reminder tool
fw_postgresql postgresql-7.3.2 Object-Relational DBMS
fw_procmail procmail-3.22 mail processing package
fw_regina regina-3.0.1 REXX interpreter
fw_sane-backends sane-backends-1.0.11 SANE scanner library backends
fw_sane-frontends sane-frontends-1.0.10 SANE scanner library frontends
fw_screen screen-3.9.15 GNU virtual terminal manager
fw_soup soup-0.7.4 SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)
fw_squid squid-2.5.STABLE1 Internet Object Cache
fw_sudo sudo-1.6.6 restricted configurable 'su'
fw_t1lib t1lib-1.3.1 Type 1 font rasterizer
fw_teTeX teTeX-2.0.2 TeX/LaTeX et al.
fw_texinfo texinfo-4.5 GNU documentation system
fw_tightvnc TightVNC-1.2.8 cross-platform remote-desktop access
fw_vim vim-6.1.289 Vi IMproved vi editor clone
fw_w3c-libwww w3c-libwww-5.4.0 W3C Protocol Library
fw_windowmaker WindowMaker-0.80.2 Window manager with GNUstep look
fw_xpdf xpdf-2.01 PDF file viewer
fw_xsane xsane-0.90 SANE graphical frontend
samba Samba Version 2.2.8

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Thank goodness. The problem with headers has been fixed and GCC now works on 6.5.17 and below.

Happy days :-)

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