Macromedia Flash 5 Plug-in 1.0/Netscape Communicator 4.8 Released


SGI has posted free downloads of two packages previously available only via the IRIX 6.5.19f update - the long awaited Macromedia Flash 5 web browser plug-in and Netscape Communicator 4.8.

Note that Netscape is not required for Flash ... the plug-in works perfectly with Mozilla, including the 1.3b release.

Get them here:


Wow, SGI did it! And freely on top of that!

But WHY are they still using Communicator 4.x? Just embrace Mozilla and move on already!

(Of course some would say the same thing about Motif I suppose)

Neko, what are your thoughts on Netscape 4.8? Worth using at all, or still outdated compared to Ho-zilla/Skipstone etc?

Netscape 4.8 doesn't add anything new ... it's just a security update, so don't expect wonders :)

SGI has embraced Mozilla ... they now ship it on the IRIX 6.5.19 Applications CD, and of course are making updates available at as well as on the Freeware site.

Well, on my Indy it seems to crash more often than 4.79... (core dumps a lot and doesn't seems to recognize the flash plugin)
Thanks to a little upgrade Mozilla moved from slow as a snail to slow as a turtle so Netscape is still my forced choice until I find a nice binary of a light-but-modern browser.
I have two more upbrades on the pipe but I don't think they will really change the scenario: too bad!


Try Phoenix. It just hit the freeware depot. Much quicker than Mozo and equally modern (same guts.)

Almost as fast as 4.8 Netscape but happier with the modern WWW.

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