Quake III Arena 1.17b for IRIX


Assam Syrix has released to the public a beta build of Quake III Arena for IRIX. This binary requires either the demo PAKs or commericial PAKs from the Quake III retail CD as well as the 1.17 Point Release.




What are the requirements to play that game?
R10K/R12K? What speed?

From the README:


You will have to obtain valid data files for this test. To play the game in full, you will need an "official" Quake3 Arena CD (Linux, Mac or Windows) in order to have both a valid "CD key" and the data files needed to play/test the full game. Alternatively, you can download the Demo release and use the demoq3/ directory provided there. In both cases you will also have to download the 1.17 Point Release to obtain the pak1.pk3, pak2.pk3 and pak3.pk3 files that provide the additional data not included with the CD or the demo.

It's also important to note that Quake3 Arena is texture INTENSIVE (that's an understatement). Attempting to run Quake3 Arena on a system without texture memory will be EXTREMELY painful. The more texture memory the better.

These binaries have only been tested on an O2 workstation and an Octane MXE workstation (both with 128mb of RAM). The data files for these tests came from an "official" CD of Quake3 Arena for Linux and the 1.17 point release of Quake3 Arena for Linux.

The binaries (and native libraries) have been compiled -n32 -mips3 (on IRIX 6.5.9).

well, looks like someone else beat me to it...and I thought I was special getting a quake3 renderer up and running on my O2...

Is it playable on an O2/R10k/256Mb?

Check the forums, I posted the performance info on what I got on my 175mhz R10k O2

shortly, not really...10fps or so running around, 5fps or so when in the heat of battle (and this was just a 1 on 1 level, not sure what it's like when there are 4 bots after you)

This is not so bad considering that O2 has no texture
capabilities. I wish I could see it on a VPro.

To bad they never 'officialy' released it for Irix,
I would have bought it. Too bad also the source code
has been destroyed.

I wish we could have other good games ported to Irix,
it's always good after a long day at work.

Actually that's backwards ... the O2 has hardware texture support but implements geometry/lighting in software.

Actually in this case the R5k series O2 might fair alittle better than a lower R10k. The R5k chips have the MADD instruction set which are commands optimized for lighting and geometry, which the R10k series doesn't have. Also there is a little less memory latency with the R5k ones since the R10k chips require an additional asic for the memory interface. I've yet to test it on my R5k 200 yet, but I'll put some numbers up if they seem to be worth it.

Ok, it seems that it's a pain to play even with
an O2 5200 300Mhz, who tried on a MXE/EMXI? How
is it like?

This discussion is ongoing in the forums, please check there. I'd like to avoid repeating information in two seperate places.

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