New IRIX Tardists


I've created a couple new tardists at the request of forum members, namely FilmGimp-0.15 and the BitchX-1.0c19 console based ircII client.

You can find out more about each package at their respective home pages, and

CinePaint has a few dependencies which rely on SGI Freeware (GTK/GDK); if you currently have SGI's version of GIMP installed you should be set.

GQmpeg 0.20.0 was released a couple of days ago and I've created a new tardist to replace the 0.19.0 version.


The gqmpeg tardist has a missing dep on gdk-pixbuf...

Note that I said it relies on SGI Freeware (GTK/GDK), so this should not be a surprise.

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