New IRIX tardist: Festival Speech System


This is something I put together a couple of years ago now; I've had a lot of fun with it and figured maybe someone else could use it too.

Festival can be a bit daunting at first to setup and use, but I've already done a lot of the legwork for you in this package. It should work out of the box on any IRIX 6.5 system. I've included the following English voices in the package (these are located in /usr/local/festival/lib/voices/english):

  • don_diphone
  • kal_diphone
  • rab_diphone
  • ked_diphone
  • tll_diphone
  • en1_mbrola
  • us1_mbrola
  • us2_mbrola
  • us3_mbrola
  • You can find the detailed manual at the Festival website.

    Anyway, to quickly get text to speech you would simply perform the following:

    /usr/local/festival/bin/festival --tts myfile

    You can also pipe output to it:

    echo "This is a test of the Festival Speech System." | /usr/local/festival/bin/festival --tts

    To change the voice to something other than the default (rab_diphone), edit /usr/local/festival/lib/siteinit.scm:

    (set! voice_default 'voice_rab_diphone)

    Replace rab_diphone with one of the voices listed above (/usr/local/festival/lib/voices/english). Perhaps you would enjoy a female voice:

    (set! voice_default 'voice_tll_diphone)

    There are some example scripts in /usr/local/festival/examples. Try:


    You can get really fancy and create a /dev/speech device and redirect standard out to it by using the Perl program speechd which works out very nicely for all sorts of fun tasks. The possibilities are endless. Your SGI now has a voice!


    Hello, thanks for the festival tardist. I've been trying to compile speechtools and festival with gcc2.95 or 3.22. I could never make it work. Which compiler and version of "make" did you use for IRIX6.5.

    Thanks, all info is much appreciated.

    This was built some time ago so I don't remember exactly what version of gcc was used. The 'make' was GNU make.

    Could you possibly create a separate tardist of this package containing all BUT the voices? I already have the voice databases. A 70+ MB download just isn't going to work for my slow connection.



    It doesn't seem to want to install on my system. I've tried untarring it and just using the tardist file and with both I get the same thing:

    Install software from: [/usr/people/jason/td] /usr/people/jason/td/fw_festival.tardist
    Unpacking tardist file .. 100% Done.
    Reading product descriptions .. 100% Done.

    Inst> go
    ERROR: Nothing selected for installation.

    Go it working... I never had to do this before:

    Inst> 6
    Install which subsystem: fw_festival

    Inst> go
    Reading fileset information .. 8%
    Pre-installation check .. 16%
    Checking space requirements .. 24%
    Installing/removing files .. 24%
    Installing new versions of selected fw_festival.sw subsystems
    Installing/removing files .. 94%
    Running exit-commands .. 99%
    Checking dependencies .. 100% Done.
    Installations and removals were successful.
    You may continue with installations or quit now.

    I tried installing this on my Octane. But I get the following error when doing echo "This is a test"|./festival :

    IRIX: can't open audio port.

    I do have sound working everywhere else in the system, and have the port not in use at the time I try festival.

    Any help?

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