More SGI Boot Logos


Frank Everdij has succeeded in extracting even more boot logos from various SGI EEPROM firmware! In addition to the three logos from last month, he's retrieved images from Fuel, Octane and InfiniteReality. All three have been added to the boot logo tarball archive; the actual images in the archive are much larger than the samples shown above. Very neat stuff.


I wonder what bootlogo an Origin200 would display (XIO graphics board in Gigachannel expansion).

Any chance to show us the way to extract these pictures from the PROM dump / flash files?

I wonder if you could get a PROM burner and actually put a new logo in a system, like take Octane2 skins and the Octane2 boot logo and put them on an Octane to not feel so bad you can't afford 30grand :P

hrmm we need boot sounds *.wav's now!


man flash :)

Btw, while just taking a look at the PROM myself, I noticed this:

wendy 16% strings ip27prom.img | grep rules


I will reveal some secrets of the extraction proces in a forum thread in some time. Right now i'm a tad busy. It's not so hard actually, most compression schemes for audio and video are variants of Apple Quicktime formats and images. Basically, the image is a RLE byte encoding and the audio, up till the indigo2 impact, was an ADPCM encoding.

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