IRIX 6.5.19 Released


SGI has updated IRIX to version 6.5.19 which is now available for download from SGI's Supportfolio website.

This version includes quite a few improvements, including support for /dev/random, ssh, Macromedia Flash 5, IPv6 and more. A complete list of changes can be found here.


i think the best part is quoted from the announcement.

"In conjunction with the release of IRIX� 6.5.15, SGI added to the existing life"

.15? eh?

I'm quite happy with the built in SSH support.

It's nice they included it, but I prefer to compile my own; I just kept the new 6.5.19 init.d script and went with my own binary.

I'd be happy just to have access to it. Since the whole change in liscensing with the release of 6.5.18, I've pretty much been out of luck.

The only thing I bother to build from source anymore is Apache; At work it's a little diffrent, but for home usage I just don't care.

It's actually awesome that IRIX supports IPv6 now! If i can get another Indigo2 now and one of those Phobos cards or however you spell it i can make an IRIX router and NAT box - WITH IPv6 Tunneling support.. now THATS awesome ;)

So what is up with only offering version 17m for download? This is no good. And where is macromedia with posting the irix flash 5 plugin? Upsetting.

*BEWARE* Phobos G160 owners, it looks like something changed in 6.5.19 that killed the network card kernel driver. Autoconfig fails on trying to link on the gfe driver (this is on my R4K-250 Indigo2)--this happens trying to reboot after the upgrade. Never had an issue before on previous versions. So now I'm kind of stuck using 6.5.18. Anyone else having this problem, or is it just my machine?

If that were the case, Nekochan Net would be dead in the water - I'm running 6.5.19 with a Phobos G160. Obviously no problems experienced ;)

Could be a problem with IRIX/IP22 rather than IRIX64/IP28 systems.

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