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Not much new to report today so far, but I do want to mention that Nekochan Net (and subsequently my e-mail server) will be down tomorrow evening while I replace the 3c597 card with a Phobos G160. Hopefully it won't take too long and the outage will be minimal.

I now have a couple of extra network cards available: a Phobos G130 (in original box) which will work with Indy/Indigo R4K (GIO32 slot), and a 3Com 3c597 (EISA slot) suitable for Indigo2. Both are 100Mbit cards; anyone interested?


I'd be curious to see the performance gains using the G160. I get lots of collisions and I don't think I ever got full duplex to work properly on my 3C597 in my I2. Anyone else have experiences to share?

I want the 3Com 3c597 !
(anything is better than the ec0 :) )

Get in touch with me Tuesday ... I want to make sure the G160 isn't DOA before I sell the 3c597 :)

I'm interested in the G130 ! Could you contact me by email please ?

Re: warerat - my experiences are the same as yours ... full duplex apparently doesn't work. Performance is much better than the stock 10Mbit though not as fast as 100Mbit should be. I get about 5MB/sec sustained transfer rate using FTP; it takes 2 minutes 36 seconds to transfer a 673MB file via Samba (with website overhead).

Do you still have a G130 for the Indy?
I'd be interested in buying it.

Do you still have a G130 for the Indy?
I'd be interested in buying it.

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