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Just a quick tip today for those needing certain apps to run whenever the window manager is launched. Create a file called ~/.sgisession and add commands (this example launches an aterm shell and a clock):

/usr/local/bin/akaneclock /usr/local/bin/aterm -tr -sh 50 -bg black -fg cyan -sl 1500

That's it!

Quick note in regards to some comments I've gotten over the past few days: I apologize if some of these tips seem very basic and easy to locate in existing documentation; I'm attempting to make things a bit easier and accessible to those wishing to improve the IRIX experience and I feel these are all worthwhile tidbits to know. Rather than complain, contribute! :)


Trust me - it's appreciated .. some stuff I did know about but other stuff has slipped by =). And in any case - it'll make the site complete =)

These tip -ettes are most appreciated :-)

Man pages are wonderful things IF you know the name of the item or feature you wish to 'man' :-)

It's a bit like spelling - How do I spell ???? word? Look in the dictionary - but you need to know how to spell the word to look it up to find out how to spell it.......

Anyway.... :-) Lurve the site... came here looking for SGI IRIX tips... came away with an appreciation of anime!


Yes the tips are basic things, but that's what's "needed" the most. I myself am sometimes even too stupid to think of these things. I sit there thinking very hard 'now what could I put on the web for interested people today' and can't come up with anything. And then I read some tip like this and then slam my head like "DOH! Why didn't I come up with that. It's those little things I do all the time that makes working with the computer so much more easy and fun.
Next time I'll try to think of something before you do ;-)

I agree, the basic tips are great, esp for a complete newbie to the sgi world like myself ;) One thing I would like to see is how to change the window manager to something like wmaker and get it all up and running... Just a thought. I can't find anything decent out there on how to do that.

Thanks for the great site :)

As a long-time user of other window environments (WindowMaker, Enlightenment, fvwm2, wm2, CDE, mwm, OpenWin, et al.), you shan't ever catch me trying to replace 4Dwm. :) It's been a breath of fresh air!

But don't get me wrong, I still hold a special place in my heart for WindowMaker, and pretty much all of my other (non-SGI) machines run it exclusively.. :)

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