SGI Releases Mozilla 1.3a Tardist


SGI has posted a new Mozilla 1.3a tardist on their Developer Central Open Source page. You can grab the file here:

This version of the browser is fantastic; highly recommended.


Great! Octane should be here any day now, so I'll have to download the tardist from work.
Nekonoko, have you had any success with the VGA to SGI video adapters??

Hey, I thought you were getting a Fuel ;)

I actually have a VGA to 13W3 adapter which is supposed to work with standard PC monitors but I haven't actually tried it out yet. I'll give it a shot tonight on my 21" Apple Studio Display (the only VGA type monitor I have) and see what happens.

One thing to keep in mind is that big SGI monitors are so cheap right now that it might cost more to buy the adapter. For example, Andromeda Computer Systems (in Canada) has 17" monitors for $35 CDN and 20" inch for $65! ($22 and $42 US)

I'm happy to say it seems to be working nicely, and even a little bit quicker than the version on

I used to have to sit there and watch the URL's I'd type come out a letter at a time, now it seems to be able to keep up with my typing...

Finally got off work and had a chance to try it. Wow! This is faster ... I'm loving it! I also installed the Orbit 3+1 theme while I was at it and it's very cool. The "throbber" replacement is sweet.

Unfortunately, we had some problems getting the Fuel shipped (like not shipped at all) once the SGI sales department figured out that Weta Digital doesn�t actually have any offices within the Ann Arbor, MI area. Darn. Seriously though, I found a 13W3 adapter sitting around the shop today, I thought I�d give it a shot before I added any more, um, computer "furniture" to the apartment (The old lady's gonna flip when I stroll in with the Octane). Anyways, let me know how that works-out. =)

Well the adapter to get is here:

If you have an existing VGA -> 13w3 adapter (unless it is the Ultraspec 1395-SGI) you're probably going to have problems; most adapters are designed for SPARC and the wiring is different.

FYI, I tried it on my Studio Display and it didn't work. I don't think my monitor supports negative polarity sync, but most monitors out there should work out fine.

Supposedly, this is an ultraspec 1395-SGI adapter, so I guess we'll see what happens. Either way, I'm sure I'll end up with an SGI monitor (knowing my luck the adapter won't work). Thanks for the info.. :)

This Andromeda Computer Systems place in Canada to which you they have a website? Ship to the US? I'll cough up for a 20" monitor with that kind of pricetag.. =)

I don't know if they have a website or not ... they advertise regularly in comp.sys.sgi.marketplace. The post with the monitor prices is from the 21st. Here is the contact info:

Alex Rishea
Andromeda Computer Systems
Voice (416) 744-6323
FAX (416) 744-3343

If your monitor supports sync-on-green, any 13W3-to-VGA adapter will work. You might have to set the nvram variable sync_on_green to sync_on_green=y, however.

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