SGI Freeware GCC 3.2.1 Alert


Just a heads up to those who are thinking of updating to gcc 3.2.1 off of the February 2002 Freeware distribution: there have been several reports that using this version on an OS below 6.5.18 can cause problems ranging from the inability to compile simple programs to outright kernel panics. I'll keep an eye on the situation and report back as events unfold.

For the record, it's been working great for me under 6.5.18f.


I'm running 6.5.16f and with GCC 3.2.1 nothing would compile and it would cause a kernel panic. After I rolled back to 3.0.4 it worked fine. I also had problems under 6.5.17m.

I wonder how GCC would be the cause of a Kernel panic. Is the IRIX kernel compiled with GCC??

I would imagine that IRIX is compiled with MIPSPro.

SGI now has a notice on their freeware page about GCC 3.2.1 and Irix 6.5.18, saying that it accidently pulled in some version specific files. Nothing is said however, if they are going to re-release it so that it will work on all the 6.5.x systems.

Well, GCC, if version-specific, means some of the libs may be calling specific portions of the kernel (sys calls and what-not) directly (I dunno, doubtful but my best guess) and if you're running an older kernel, that means that those locations of the kernel are different, so it could jump into some random place int he kernel, and if the kernel dies, everything dies (no protection on the kernel obviously)

Well GCC isn't supposed to be version specific, but my understanding is that 6.5.18 has significant changes to system headers for MIPSPro 7.4 (C99 stuff for example) plus new headers have been added (stdio_core.h for example). The kernel panics shouldn't happen even with these headers compiled in ... David Kaelbling of SGI mentioned that a case has been opened with customer support to determine the cause.


Luckily I found your page. I thought I was too
stupid to install a compiler on my machine.

Do you know if the problem goes away with 3.2.2
which is now on

Thanks in advance,


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