Pegamento 1.0Beta4 Available

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C�sar Blecua has announced the release of Pegamento:

"Hi to all,

I'm happy to announce that the first downloadable beta of Pegamento, an IRIX-native hardware accelerated image compositing application, is ready for download.

Current beta is free. Future versions might be commercial, or might continue being free.

The major requirements are:

* Texture memory (or UMA, GUMA, etc).
* IRIX 6.2 or later.

But a more detailed requirements list is available at the website.

NOTE: I'm having problems with web caches. The "Screenshots" page doesn't work for this reason. I hope to have such page working as soon as possible. The rest of pages (seem) to work fine.

Download page:

Thanks a lot to anybody interested in testing this,

C�sar Blecua"

Looks like another interesting application! C�sar has also set up a new feedback page at to report bugs and suggestions.

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Some of the screenshots look absolutely amazing.

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