New Tardists at Silicon Bunny

Tom of Silicon Bunny has updated his website with a few new tardists! The additions include the following:

Allegro Version: 4.1.9 (unstable branch)

Allegro is a cross-platform gaming library - similar to SDL. Off the top of my head, you'll need ESD installed to get sound. There's an ESD tardist on the SGI Freeware website.

Elite:TNK Version: 1.0

Elite is the greatest computer game known to man. Ever. Elite:TNK is the result of a project by Christian Pinder to reverse-engineer Elite from the original BBC disk version.
This requires Allegro, and runs splendidly on my Octane.

Freebirth Version: 0.3.1

Freebirth is a software bass synthesizer/step sequencer/sample player. This is a tardist built from the modified source, tweaked to work under IRIX.

Be sure to check out Silicon Bunny's download page for these tardists and more.

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