New IRIX Tardist: mpg123-pre0.59s (Patched)


Since I received a comment that Shoutcast streaming wasn't working well with SGI's mpg123, I decided to release a tardist of mpg123-pre0.59s for those using my GQmpeg tardist. This build has been patched against the "Gobble Exploit" recently unveiled on bugtraq (MAX_INPUT_FRAMESIZE has been set to 4096 to prevent buffer overflow in common.c).

I've done some testing with Shoutcast streams on this build and everything is working beautifully; the test station used was Japan-A-Radio at as I love that sort of thing :)

Keep in mind that this tardist does not remove or overwrite the mpg123-0.59r package in /usr/freeware/bin. As my tardist installs in /usr/local/bin you may have to reorder your search path or simply remove the older build.

As always, let me know if you have any problems.


Thanks for the effort... Now it works perfectly! :)

Not a problem; glad it worked out!

Speaking of Shoutcast, anyone have interest in Icecast for IRIX (to set up your own Shoutcast server)? I compiled a build using the latest source last night and it seems to work so ...

Nekonoko, I'd definitely be interested in an icecast port for IRIX. I have 2 indigo2's that I'm trying to bring back to life to serve some useful purpose (bad geek habit).

I'm running the shoutcast server for linux now, but the icecast for IRIX would be great.


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