MPlayer v0.90rc3 For IRIX Released


John Bernatz wrote to let me know that the newest release of MPlayer finally compiles cleanly under IRIX without any special tweaking. Go grab the source tarball from the official Mplayer page and give it a try.

Update: Timo has created a tardist for MIPS4 with some useful patches; see his comments below for more information.




i made a tardist of it a few days ago (gcc 3.2.1 mips4). It includes two older patches from Gernot Ziegler for -gl and -gl2, fixing some endianess bugs (inverted colors) on MGRAS graphics, don't know how well it works on other hardware, though...
Both work very nice with corect colors on MGRAS
4TRAM now, i'm happily watching fullscreen movies
on my Octane MXE :)
Its build without gui (the gui stinks anyway ;) and without sdl etc., so no dependencies at all..

so long,

Wow, that's fantastic news, thanks! Sounds a lot better than anything I would have put together :)

hehe, tnx :) But really nothing special here.. I received that mxe board a while ago and realized that gl/gl2 were broken on it, so I digged through the mplayer devel mailinglist and found those two changes in an old irix thread.. luckily they still work :) (at least for mgras, can't speak for anything else.. no idea how portable these are)

gl/gl2 is working great on Indigo2 Max IMPACT w/4MB TRAM ... but then again that's also MGRAS. I was able to play back MPEG at full screen with no problems, very smooth. I'd noticed the color shift in earlier builds (including the version of v0.90rc3 I compiled myself) so this is quite nice.

This is really great! Do you have the full list of the patches applied to Mplayer?


I've only got TRAMS on my R4400 Indigo2. I would love it if you could tell us either the patches you used, the support you built into your build, or do another build for mips3 :)

I've built mplayer under linux quite a few times, but under IRIX there isn't the usual support for stuff, so what options have you used ?



Could you make a mips3 version - the only TRAM machine I have is a R4400 I2.

Alternatively if you could help by supplying your ./configure settings and any other environment vars which would be handy to setup mplayer best on a IRIX platform.

Additionally, have you commited the updates made for MGRAS/endianess into the MPlayer team? The 0.90 release I just tried displays it's colours incorrectly.


I have O2, should this binary version
work on it?

I received SGI 02 workstation as a gift
and don't have neither software to preinstall
or add additional libraries, nor do I have
license for it. I just want to use it for
something (mp3player box or divx playing).

Mplayer from tarball doesn't compile
that's why i'm searching for binary distro.

Don't know if people still read this, but...
I have access to Mips pro compilers (licensed) if anyone wants to walk me though compiling mplayer (or other programs) and making tardists.

I install the pack on an o2 but with any luck on the movies I've been traying to play. I have a 1600sw 1600x1024. Tha program crash for no reason on the sound module. Any help ?

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