Macworld 2003 and Miscellaneous Thoughts


I ran down to Macworld San Francisco 2003 this morning and had a great time there ... amongst the many activities for the day I visited the Alias|Wavefront booth and picked up another training DVD, bought the latest update of Animation:Master from Hash along with their own training DVD set, and of course grabbed the requisite convention swag which will probably take me days to go through.

I'm really impressed by the new PowerBooks ... I'm tempted to get one, but I just bought a new 15" Titanium model last September and I really haven't outgrown it yet. I do wish that Apple offered the new 802.11g Airport cards for older models though. I've posted a few digital photos taken while I was at the show in the convention gallery.

I'm hoping to buy an Octane next week, something with MXE/MXI graphics at minimum. I have a couple possible candidate machines lined up; I'd really like to get an R12000/300 but might settle for a slower dual CPU configuration. At any rate it should be fun!

My IRIX tip for the day is common sense but I personally seem to have a hard time with it: never leave cold beverages in front of a powered-on Indigo 2 MaxIMPACT (with tower feet) unless you want them to be warm. :)


Personally, I stood my Indigo2 up next to my desk, and angled it towards my feet. Works well to help keep the toes warm in a cold basement.. =)

Couple of things...first, do you really NEED a 17" notebook? Of course you do!

second, I definately have to agree with getting an Octane...I was looking at some Dual cpu 250 r10ks (MXE) recently...and MAN they make my O2 looks like a snail...

I'd love to upgrade my 250 R10K Octane to MXE but the modules cost some major money down here. And I haven't found any cheap decent suppliers of MXE modules so far.

My Tibook 550 is a mere 15" but I love it .. =)

Should I get an Octane? Pete, that's like asking the previously answered "do you really need a 17" laptop?" Of course you Do! hahahah

I should try to at least get my O2 to work :(

I need parts *sigh*

But you can keep your cheeseburgers warm ;-)

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