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If you're having problems getting to the 6.5.17m release on SGI's new Supportfolio site, this may be of interest: Planet Mirror has a page with download access to 6.5.13m through 6.5.17m.


Have you some Ideas where i can get 6.5.18f :-)

How did you mean that? ;-) Another legal way to get old and current releases of IRIX 6.5.x is through the developer channel from SGI. Since this year current registered developers are able to download IRIX 6.5.x images from 6.5.14 upward to the current 6.5.18 (both maintenance and feature) and can use it on one machine.

And how I get into the developer channel from SGI, when I am not a developer :-)

Hmmh... this question is hard to answer... :-) I'm not sure whether new registered developers are also eligible for the downloads, but you can give it a try - go to:

But only for Developer Plus and up I guess. Developer Online doesn't work.

Ok, so they have changed the policies...

it does work with developer online level. I matched the contact information of my developer online and my supportfolio account (had an old postal address registered for one of them) and now my supportfolio entitlement page sais:

Our records indicate that you have the following Support Program(s):

works like a charm.. :)

That sounds great :) Go for it Nikolay! :)

OK after telling SGI my whole life in the registration proces, i have only acces to 6.5.16m I a have allrady 6.5.16f :-(. I realy like to have 6.5.18f but on a leagal way if possible :-)

hm, doesn't work for me

make sure the contact information stored for the two accounts (supportfolio and developer online) is _exactly_ the same. As stated above it didn't work for me until I changed the postal address of one of them to match the other..

I did just that.
I even created two new accounts (one dev online and one supportfolio), with exactly the same contact information and even the same login name. No luck.
BTW, I wasn't asked for a postal adress while signing up for a supportfolio account and I don't see where I could enter one, neither for the new one nor for the old account

hmm, very strange. If I log into supportfolio and go to my profile settings, I get the postal address listed. If I then click on "Click here to update your Contact Information" I get it even listed as mandatory information.. oh well, supportfolio is still rather fucked up in general currently.. hopefully they'll fix it soon.. ;)

According to informations from SGI they have still problems to reorganize the supportfolio stuff... These tasks *should* be completed in February or March - that means: lucky for those which data matches the reorganized database and patience for those which didn't yet.

And here I thought I needed to add a forum to this site :)

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