Quake 2 Battleground


Did you know the server-side mod Quake 2 Battleground was available for both IRIX and MacOS X? Well I certainly didn't. Apparently deleet ported and released this back in February, giving us another gem to add to the IRIX game library.

Visit the official Quake 2 Battleground web site for information on the mod itself, and then deleet's Quake 2 Battleground for MacOS X and IRIX to download the packages. If you don't already have Quake 2 you can download the IRIX version from SGI's Game page and the MacOS X version from Fruitz of Dojo.


Ok, n00b question:
Will Q2 run on graphics boardsets that don't have texturing support (ie: Solid Impact ;)?? I'd imagine Quake will handle it in software, but...I'm not so sure of that.


It can run with software rendering but I don't expect the performance will be as good (naturally). Try it out and let me know how it goes :)

HAH! Let's see...how does "completely unplayable" sound? ;)

Software rendering, at 320x240 has a good framerate, but the color is /horrible/. Anything in OpenGL is worthless in it's slowness. On top of that, attempting to kick into a fullscreen mode isn't happening...

So, yes, it will run. But, no, you wouldn't want to.. :)

It runs very quickly and with nice color on Max IMPACT :) Thanks for the test though, good to know for the future.

Not directly on topic, but the crusher demo gets a "whopping" 10fps on my O2...
(175mhz R10k)

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