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The past couple of weeks have seen the arrival of quite a bit of interesting SGI related gear at the residence. One of the first arrivals was the ACARD ARS-2000FU Ultra SCSI-IDE bridge I mentioned last month. I have to say the bridge has been everything I hoped for; extremely easy to install and use. It's amazing how much storage capacity this gives you for such little cash and the performance is wonderful. I can't say enough good things about these ... in fact, I'm going to buy a couple more of them very soon (one for the Indigo(1) and another for the second bay in the Indigo2). After setting the SCSI ID on the bridge and connecting everything up it was a simple matter to clone my existing system drive over. I used the "Cloning A Root Disk" section of Ian Mapleson's Disk and File System Administration guide, opting for the xfsdump/xfsrestore method outlined in that document.

Another item I received this past week: a Maximum IMPACT TRAM upgrade kit I'd "won" on eBay. Installation was a bit more challenging since I'm not familiar with the Maximum IMPACT board layout ... I initially neglected to install a TRAM module on the boardset's middle tier which resulted in missing scan lines in textured surfaces. A quick search on the comp.sys.sgi newsgroups helped to clue me in and my next test was successful. I must mention that it took quite a bit of pressure to fully seat the TRAM module on the middle tier though ... the topmost TRAM was very easy to snap into place in comparison.

One of the most exciting new bits I received: a cable set for the Galileo Video/Cosmo Compress pair installed in my Indigo(1). I was finally able, at long last, to loop my Cosmo card through the Galileo as well as connect up my ABOB! I've had everything save the cables for about a year now but haven't been able to do anything with them aside from use an IndyCam.

I tried a few test captures earlier this week and am pleased with the results thus far; I've been sending the captured video over the Indigo's integrated 10Mb ethernet (slow!) to the G4 for playback and/or editing. I'm planning on experimenting with the Galileo/Cosmo some more this weekend, trying out some of the various quality related settings to see how it effects the end result.

Finally, as a result of having a nice video capture solution operating on the Indigo(1), I chased down a Phobos G130 100Mb ethernet card, brand new in box through B&B Solutions (via eBay, cost was $42 US before shipping). This should make moving captured video over to the G4 much less painful.

By the way, I have an extra ABOB for Galileo available if anyone is looking for one.

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Do you still have the extra ABOB for Galileo? If so, could you describe the appearance (there were at least 2 versions that I know of) and cost?


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